Welcome to VIC Branch QC2020 Resources

The Quality Care Pharmacy Program (QCPP) has been reformed and is now a contemporary program bringing together best-practice business operations with excellence in safe and quality care. The program is now called Quality Care 2020 (QC2020). 

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia, Victorian Branch has updated and created where necessary, a large number of resources to help Victorian Pharmacy Guild members prepare for accreditation, implement the new standards and then maintain the new QC2020 program.

To access this site, Victorian Guild Members will be required to self-register and setup a new set of login details specifically for this website. Your membership status will be checked and approved by Victorian Branch team members and you will receive an email once your account is approved. 

The Victorian Branch has opened this website up to Pharmacy Guild member from other states – please select your state from the buttons listed on this page.

This website should be used to source updated and new resources, however you will still be required to access the QC2020 Portal and Knowledge hub. Click here for more info

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